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I’m Sophie, I’m a designer and I’m a florist. A floral designer if you will.

I’ve spent 5 years working in various parts of the fashion industry, specialising as a floral print designer. It took getting married myself to realise I didn’t just want to arrange and paint flowers for myself anymore – I wanted to help recreate the feeling I felt on my day but for other people.

Having had flowers as my main source of inspiration for years I’ve always had arrangements dotted around my house and studio, after seeing the pleasure they brought to my visitors and clients I can see why flowers make such precious gifts. 


My philosophy is simple: to create the beautiful, wild and bold arrangements that reflect you. I want to get to know you, know what makes you tick, what makes you cry, only by knowing you can I help create the vision in your head, help you realise your dream day that’s unique and bespoke to you.

Trends come and go but I’m a massive believer that style is eternal and forever. While I strive to find new ways of creating, my designs have a timeless classic appeal. Much to my dismay though, flowers don’t actually last forever. For that reason every bride I work with receives a hand painted version of their bouquet, a permanent, timeless reminder of their wedding day.



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I love weddings. What’s not to love? A day filled with joy and happiness and of course romance. Whether you’re having a grand ceremony followed by a blowout party or you’re running away into the woods with just you and yours - I love them all.  

Planning a wedding can seem daunting, trust me I’ve been there, but the one thing I don’t want you to loose precious sleep over are the flowers.

I strive to create arrangements that are as unique as you are, I find the best way to do this it to get to know you. Every wedding we do begins with a face-to-face consultation with the happy couple - think of this as a time to talk about what makes you smile and laugh, the stories and memories you share. I want to know what makes you two, you two. Following this we will do a venue walk, discussing colour palettes, flower types and how your flowers will fit into your big day.  We can discuss any ideas you have for the setting and start to finalise things – at this point you will get your quote.

We understand that a 300+ guest wedding is different to a small intimate elopement so each wedding pricing will be different, catered to that particular clients wants and desires. We are happy to work to any budget.


Sometimes flowers are the perfect way to say how we feel. Whatever the message they are a sure fine way to put a smile on someone’s face. We do a local delivery service in the Oxfordshire area for your flowery needs.

Planning a wedding can seem daunting, trust me I’ve been there, but the one thing I don’t want you to loose precious sleep over are the flowers.






We're a friendly bunch. If you've got any questions, enquiries or just want to say hello then please drop us a bell.